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Technical reserve staff








Job Description:

Job Qualifications:

1、Male; 22-45 years old, with college (or above) education.

2、Refrigeration and related majors, can use relevant design software skillfully.

2、Have electrician certificate and other technical grade certificate is preferred, fresh and former graduates can also be.

3、They and their families are politically clean and have no criminal record.

4、Able to adapt to travel.

Job duties:

1、Assist engineers to complete the design and development of new products.

2、Test new products and collect relevant data, assist engineers to complete data analysis and make improvements to new products.

3、Complete the production of the company's products.

4、Work with a positive attitude and complete other work assigned by the supervisor in a timely manner.

Salary and benefits:

1、4000-5000/month, pay five insurance and one gold.

2、The company provides accommodation with lunch and dinner, and the airport work gives a meal allowance of 30 yuan/day for working meals.

3、Salary will be increased by 5% every year according to the company's operation; enjoy the seniority salary of 100 RMB/month.

4、Enjoy holiday benefits, overtime allowance, airport work with high temperature allowance, 13 months salary per year.