The company focuses on the development of aircraft ground air-conditioning units by virtue of refrigeration electrical control technology and in-depth research on the needs of users

SAT launches new product: Bridge-mounted aircraft ground air-conditioning unit SF-075DG-DL

Aircraft ground air-conditioning unit:
Aircraft ground air-conditioning units are mainly used to provide the aircraft with a certain amount of flow, pressure and temperature ventilation air when the aircraft is stopped on the ground, and are used for aircraft ground support equipment provided by air conditioning staff and passengers after boarding.
Norms and standards:
This product is strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with MH-T6109-2014 "Aircraft Ground Air Conditioning Unit" standards.
Working conditions:
T1 working condition: environmental dry bulb temperature 35℃, relative humidity 50%;
T2 operating conditions: environmental dry bulb temperature 35℃, relative humidity 60%;
T3 working condition: the ambient dry bulb temperature is 35℃, the relative humidity is 70%;
T4 working condition: the ambient dry bulb temperature is 35℃, the relative humidity is 80%;
塞孚推出新品:桥挂式飞机地面空调机组 SF-075DG-DL
Product technical characteristics:
Fast cooling. In the cooling mode, the air outlet temperature drops below 3 ° C within 3 minutes, which effectively meets the air-conditioning cooling requirements of short-stop flights.
Ultra-low temperature air supply. In cooling mode, the supply air temperature is stable below 2 ℃ during non-defrosting.
Intelligent defrost function. The unit works stably during defrosting, and the temperature of the air outlet does not exceed 5 ° C; each defrost takes no more than 4 minutes; the period of the defrosting period exceeds 1 hour;
Wide working condition design. Each unit can simultaneously meet the four working conditions of T1, T2, T3, and T4. The working temperature range is -40℃ ~ 52℃, and the relative humidity range is 0-100%.
Applicable to all models. Reasonably configure the unit to meet the cooling (and heating) requirements of all models, including the A380 super-large passenger aircraft.
Easy to maintain. The system has a modular design and is easy to replace; the parts have good versatility and few spare parts.
Mobile APP smart monitoring. Can provide users with mobile phone APP download, check unit operating status and fault alarms at any time, reduce inspection of invalid equipment, improve maintenance labor efficiency, and save maintenance costs.
Technical Parameters:
Project description Technical Parameters
Climate type T2/T3/T4
Installation method Hanging
Using electric AC380V 3N.50HZ
Compressor type Scroll
Number of compressors 5Ea
Refrigerant type and charge R22/95kg
Supply air volume 5500m3/h
Cooling capacity 150kw(T2)/161kw(T3)/180kw(T4)
External static pressure 6700Pa
Electric heating power 85kw
Cooling input power 125kw(T2)/132kw(T3)/140kw(T4)
Centrifugal fan power 37kw
Noise ≤85db(A)
Cooling air dry bulb temperature -5~2℃
Dimensions (length * width * height) 4200*2300*1680mm
Operating weight 3500kg


Note: 1. The technical parameters are subject to the product nameplate. Products can be tailored according to user needs. Due to continuous product innovation, technical parameters are subject to change without notice.
2, according to user requirements, R134A, R407A, R410A refrigerant design.
Product installation size diagram:
SF-075DG-DL installation dimension diagram