The company focuses on the development of aircraft ground air-conditioning units by virtue of refrigeration electrical control technology and in-depth research on the needs of users

The 19th Middle East (Dubai) Aviation Equipment Service Exhibition ends successfully at Dubai International Convention Centre

On May 1, 2019, the 19th Middle East (Dubai) Aviation Equipment Service Exhibition ended successfully at the Dubai International Convention Center, and our company attended the meeting as scheduled. At this exhibition, SAT exhibited a series of aviation ground air-conditioning products, providing various types of aircraft ground air-conditioning support equipment tailored to users' needs, and providing users with reduced operating costs and equipment management costs. s solution.
SAT's platform attracted many exhibitors to stop. The staff communicated with the exhibitors patiently and enthusiastically, and harvested many interested customers and friends. At the same time, they learned about the latest market situation of the industry, opened up their horizons, Future developments bring new opportunities.